Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Garnier Roll on Anti Dark Circles concealer and Garnier Anti Dark Circles Cream - Review

Being a software engineer, I usually spend around 8 hours in front of computer screen almost daily. Add to it, my regular internet browsing, blogging and other related stuffs. And thanks to my 6 hours sleep, I got these dark circles quite sometime back and have been desperately looking out for some solution to get rid of them. I know that there are plenty of anti-dark circles creams available in India, still my lethargy and laziness stopped me in going out to any store and using them. Moreover, I never trusted that any of these costly creams would ever get me rid of any dark circles, unless I get proper nutrition, sleep and care.

So, when I went to Germany and found myself in front of all the plethora of brands available with all the time in my hand to go shopping, I thought of giving such products a try. Moreover, I loved to shop there coz  of less crowd. :) Can't imagine the same kind of shopping in Bangalore. Anyways, back to the point of healing under eye dark circles. I bought three products for that:

 - Garnier under eye anti-dark circles cream                              : Price 9 Euros
 - Garnier under eye anti-dark circle roll on concealer.             : Price 11 Euros
 - Annemarie Borlind Eye cream                                                 : Price 20 Euros

Let me review the Garnier under eye anti-dark circles cream first here (Again sorry for the dark pictures!! :-( )
Garnier under eye anti-dark circles cream

Garnier under eye anti-dark circles cream comes in this green colored tube with a pin point hole to squeeze off the desired amount and apply to the affected eye areas. Its price was 9 Euros. The same stuff in roll on was 11 euros. I guess the additional 2 euros were for the gel and the rolling ball. I bought the cream version for this product, and thought of taking the roll on for the concealer.
Garnier under eye anti-dark circles cream

I usually apply the product before going to sleep daily. Below is my verdict on the product:

 - It did reduce my morning puffiness to some extent, but not completely.
 - I couldn't see any much difference in my dark circles.
 - The results are not long lasting. If I forget to apply it even one night, I get the puffiness back, the next morning!! :|

Will I repurchase this?
Absolutely not! I might need to hunt for some good anti-dark circles cream in India, and so far I have got some good reviews on makeupandbeauty.com. :-) \:D/ :D :D

Let us now have a look into Garnier's under eye anti-dark circle roll on concealer: /:)

Garnier's under eye anti-dark circle roll on concealer

Garnier's under eye anti-dark circle roll on concealer, is said to work as a concealer along with its "anti-dark circle" properties. Needless to say, this was again a disappointment for me, as it didn't work for me as well. I tried applying it under eyes after putting on foundation, while getting ready for my office. The concealer just comes in one shade, which is not suitable for Indian tone at all. You might want to use it to get Kim Kadarshian look, but otherwise it can only give you ghost eyes!!... Because of the roll on, the liquid could make the concealer quite messy and it spills around the roll on over the cap, making it look ugly. See the pics below!
Garnier's under eye anti-dark circle roll on concealer

So I have to keep the lid tightly closed to prevent any spill over!

Will I purchase it again?
No way! Unless I want to try a vampire look for Halloween fest!

Have you tried Garnier Roll on Anti Dark Circles concealer and Garnier Anti Dark Circles Cream? How was your experience with them? Share it with me in your comments


  1. Aww its 2 bad these products didn't work 4 u.We used to get the garnier eye cream in India and it was quite good too but they have discontinued it now :(

  2. Ohh....cool it worked for you. In fact, I've asked about the product from my friends, and have received the mixed reviews. So, donno!
    Anyways, the Annemarie Borlind Eye cream has really worked wonders for me!! will post a review soon!! :D

  3. Thanks for the tips of the product.Most of the under eye creams are simply an eyewash and do not seem to work on the skin.But a healthy diet with foods that increase the absorption of iron in the body may help.Also intake of fluids specially water.

  4. @natural cosmetics

    I agree natural cosmetics!! :D Thanks for the comment and tips!! :) :) :)


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