Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Ponds White Beauty Face wash - Review

Ponds White Beauty Face wash

I bought this particular face wash 2 weeks back while doing my regular grocery shopping. Since summers have come, and my oily-combination skin tends to become an oil factory because of the heat and humidity around, I was on a hunt to try a bit stronger face wash than the mild ones I have, to fight with oil better. I've been using this particular face wash daily since past two weeks now and I usually use this face wash to wash my face after I reach home from office.

Ponds White Beauty Face wash

About Ponds White Beauty Face wash
Ponds White Beauty Face wash

Price: INR 65/-

Quantity: 50ml

Ponds White Beauty Face wash

My experience with the product:

Although I bought the face wash considering the handy packaging and price, I seriously don't understand the need of putting "White" in its name. Is it to tell that the face wash is "white" in color? Or is it to play with typical psychology of people to become white after washing their face with this face wash. It really annoys me to see this ‘white and fair’ claims everywhere. One can only get their complexion brightened by these creams and products, which obviously nowhere comes to getting white!

Enough of my rant about the name. Let us get to the product now. I like the sleek tube packaging of the face wash that comes with a flip open cap for handy and easy application of the product. The product is foam based face wash, and hence comes out in thick white cream. Below are the pics:

Ponds White Beauty Face wash

Ponds White Beauty Face wash

Below are the pros and cons of Ponds White Beauty Face wash

1) I like the flip cap opening of the tube, that makes it easy for me to take the face wash out. This packaging is also sturdy enough and doesn't call for any spill over, while carrying it in your purse.

2) The face wash has a pleasant smell, which I'd experienced from Ponds face creams before.

3) It lathers quite a lot, since it is a foam based product. I just need to take out a pea size of the product to cleanse my entire face.

4) It works quite well in cleaning oil and dirt off my face. Every time I wash my face using this face wash, I get that squeaky cleansed feeling which is really satisfying.

5) Quite affordable for the quantity and quality you get at the price you pay.


1) I am really against the name with "White" in it, because that is really illusionary to people, especially in India where fairness is much fussed about thing. Such marketing gimmicks of getting white and fair really put me off!

2) I have oily-combination skin, and I found this product a bit too drying on my face. I've experienced such dryness from almost all foam based face washes I've used till date. I always have to lightly dab a moisturizer immediately after washing my face with this to avoid any itchy-stretchy feeling.

3) Though it cleans off dirt and oil well from my skin, it failed to remove my makeup completely. I have to use a cleansing milk and oil to remove makeup first, before I wash my face with this face wash.

4) I've used it before too, and I don't agree to their lightening/whitening claim at all, coz it did no change to my complexion!

Overall verdict: It is a decent face wash to carry while travelling for oily-combination skin people, especially in this hot and humid summer season of India. You don't need much of the product to cleanse your face thoroughly and hence it will last quite a long. Though, I'd advice you to carry a light moisturizer too with you to apply on your face, after you've used this face wash. I don't recommend this for dry skin beauties at all!


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